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 → Sprach Tournee, 2022-2024

Reading performance & Audio installation
Spheres of Interest, Chains of Interst, Traces of Interest
,  3-part exhibition in IFA, Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen Gallery, Berlin & Stuttgart, 2022-2024

A text-based performance conceptualized especially for the group exhibition in the IFA Gallery, where the artists were invited to curate and develop a work in response to IFA’s massive art collection. I chose to relate to Joseph Kosuth’s photographic works: Art as Idea as Idea: Purple; Art as Idea as Idea: Volume; & Art as Idea as Idea: Meaningless from 1967/68. IFA purchased Kosuth’s works for the exhibition Kunstraum Deutschland (Art Space Germany) which has been touring the world for the past 22 years. 

For the exhibition I initiated a translation chain of a textual composition (written by the theorist Michal B. Ron) based on the content of the lexical definitions depicted in Kosuth’s works. The text is translated by professional translators from one language to the next according to the route the IFA exhibition took. The final result was performed in IFA gallery with the participation of over 32 native speakers. 

An audio piece based on the perfomance was installed in the second and third “chains” & “traces” exhibitions.


Photos: Victoria Tomaschk

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